On Black History Month

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton


Co-Founder & CEO


November 1, 2022


Some thoughts from Platform Founders-in-Residence and Founder Associates:

Iesha Magalanes, Founder Associate, Ethically

Black History is American history. Platform is celebrating Black History Month and encouraging everyone to participate, learn and honor the contributions of the black community.

We (Platform Venture Studio) are dedicated to supporting racial justice through inclusion and opportunity for black entrepreneurs. We are also celebrating the power, joy, and multifaceted experience of being Black. I am very grateful to be a part of Platform because we continue to break down racial boundaries and push out amazing companies with talented minority founders.

Anthony Whitaker, Founder Associate, MOGL

The Black Community is systemically underrepresented in the tech industry broadly, but also as founders due to the limitation of access, resources, and education. Part of Platform’s mission is to help to combat this problem through resources and access.

Personally, I would like to just talk about how I navigated through different situations as a black man, and how I made my way into rooms that a lot of people that look like me haven’t been able to or given the opportunity to. It takes being comfortable within your own skin, communicable, personable, and holding everyone to the same standards.

Brandon Wimbush, Co-Founder, MOGL

The first thought that comes to mind is how diverse Platform Venture Studio currently is from the founder's perspective. I think Platform has done a phenomenal job at finding talent to lead these companies. Highlighting the fact that a majority of the companies within the studio are led by minority founders is a great way to celebrate Black History Month.

I would personally say that with less than 3% of venture funding going to the black community, support like PVS has shown is more important than ever for someone like myself. To be a part of a community of people who have successfully done what I am trying to do makes a huge impact and to see people of my skin color striving towards the same goal of building a successful company is inspiring for me personally. We are sharing this journey and inclusivity only positively impacts the views and direction of a company (in this case a venture studio)

Rilwan Lawal, Co-Founder, GigEasy

PVS has shown a strong and genuine commitment to building a diverse organization. I'm glad to be in a position to build companies alongside multiple black founders in an industry where we are largely underrepresented. As we celebrate black history month it's important to recognize how far we have come, as well as educate ourselves on the journey thus far. I'd like to use this opportunity to share educational resources for people trying to learn about black history. Here are a few that folks can start with:


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Ayden Syal, CEO of MOGL
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