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Platform Venture Studio

Created by founders for founders, our tried and true methodology turbocharges startups’ velocity to success.

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How we serve our founders

build with us

Our studio team does real work

Serving as your co-founder, we provide the infrastructure — capital, talent, expertise, and a methodology — to efficiently build successful startups. Think “AWS for building startups”.

We don’t waste time

We bring our studio team, fund, methodology, and network to bear to iterate and learn fast.

We’ve been there

There are no better teachers than those who have learned from experience. Platform’s creators, Jeremy Burton and Tim Connors, have a combined experience of 50+ years in developing highly successful startups, as both founders and investors.

We have strength in numbers

You are not alone. In addition to support from our studio team and other portfolio companies, we have a growing network of over 60,000 coaches, investors, subject-matter experts, and advisors.

Building in spaces that matter

We don't chase fads, and we do no harm. Our mission is to build companies that change the world for the better. Each of our startups aligns with our vision and fits into at least one of our themes:

Connecting and mobilizing our citizens, communities, and leaders

The way we earn a paycheck has changed and will continue to do so

Addressing the climate crisis

Everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities

What our founders say

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Ayden Syal, CEO of MOGL
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Platform is a growing community of founders, experts, and investors building startups together.