Great Founders are Created, Not Born

Josh Burkwist

Josh Burkwist


VP of Talent


November 1, 2022


Running a successful startup requires inspiring a fantastic staff to work hard. Thus, the founder's aptitude for delegation and change management will be tested. Great founders are created, not born. They develop skills over time to properly guide the business. Let's examine some common traits necessary to be a successful founder.

Flexibility. Iteration is key in startups. The business strategy you spend years crafting won't hold up when you meet your first customer. A startup uses trial and error, which is something a large organization cannot. Release something, evaluate its success, and then revise. Make the necessary modifications, give it a go today, then try something new the next day. The marketing, sales messaging, investor pitch, and team are all iterative experimentation processes in addition to the product itself.

Failure. Failure, according to every founder, is not an option. However, with odds against them, entrepreneurs must be resilient to accept failure and move forward rather than crumble. The most successful entrepreneurs embrace failure and utilize it to forge ahead.

Adventure. The best part about the ride of a startup is that each day is an adventure. Sometimes you're in the muck so deep that you're unsure how to get out. There isn't a manual to review that gives the guidance needed. You must enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

Weaknesses. One of the greatest ways to swiftly assemble a fantastic team is to be aware of the skills you lack and hire someone to fill those positions while you concentrate on and grow your areas of strength. When you have co-workers who complement one another, this works brilliantly and accelerates the company's impact.

Inquisitive. Founders are frequently highly curious and eager to learn. Although they may appear to be sure or even confident, they are typically watching, listening, and adapting during their interactions.

In your experience, what traits have you seen great founders have?

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