Saurabh Jaiswal (Jas)


Saurabh Jaiswal (Jas)


CEO & Co-Founder, SmartHaul



For the past 15 years, Jas has targeted Operations and Strategy, spanning healthcare, financial services, SaaS, and supply chain logistics across fortune 500 & prominent startups such as DaVita, Deloitte, and Gusto.

From building the first ever prototype for wireless seizure detection system to a $1B Home Dialysis vertical, he is driven to find customer-centric models that go against the norm. The wide spectrum of his work provides a deep understanding of the raw composition for successful, mission-driven organizations.

He earned his Electrical Engineering and MBA at Purdue. Outside of work, Jas is either busy planning the “next trip” or training for Spartan races.