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Tim Connors

Tim Connors


Co-Founder & Founding Investor


December 13, 2022


So Elon now is leading innovation at Twitter!  Going to be fun to watch what he does.  Innovating in cars and rockets and tunnels take decades to bring to life.  Software innovations can come very quickly so I don't think we will need to wait long to see him work his magic.

What ideas do we have for him?  Add yours in the comments.

A few starters:

  • UI: clone facebook, tiktok, insta UIs and let folks toggle between them on twitter. same backend social network which is the hard part, just different front ends that are easy to build
  • On the facebook-clone UI, bias the feed algorithm to your most trusted friends. Small group social networks drive feelings of belonging which help vs hurt mental health.
  • Ads: be link friendly for advertisers. Facebook has stopped working for b2c startups. Tiktok is taking the consumer attention, but is not link friendly to advertisers. Fill the void with a tiktok-like UI option that is link friendly.
  • Give vc-backed startups 9 month payment terms on their ads. Lets them have infinite budget for twitter ads as they get enough gross margin from acquired users before having to pay back the CAC. They will move their ad budget away from facebook and be able to grow fast with zero dilution. Twitter could take 10% equity positions in any startup getting $1M+ per month in ads with long payment terms, and become Berkshire for tech.

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