Evan Claudeanos


CEO & Co-Founder, Grant Writing

Grant Writing


Evan Claudeanos is a founder, engineer, and philosopher. He studied physics and philosophy at Berkeley, then attended Notre Dame, where he earned graduate degrees in applied math and philosophy. While at Notre Dame, he developed expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, and the philosophy of science.

Following graduate school, Evan founded Amaforge, where he developed algorithms and infrastructure to help universities strategically target grant opportunities. His natural language processing, machine learning, and data aggregation code formed the basis of Scry, a platform that finds ideal funding opportunity matches for teams of faculty. Evan’s mission with Platform is to channel his expertise toward new solutions that make funding nonprofits and startups easier for everyone.

When he's not building, Evan devotes his time to his family and to his favorite hobbies: rock climbing, trail running, and playing the banjo.