Cynthia Ages


Product Developer

Platform Venture Studio


After graduating from Tuskegee University, Cynthia started The Boundless Apps Team with her brother to provide MVP apps for freelancers, gig workers, and early-phase startups.

After discovering the need for no/low code awareness in education, she founded #ibuiltmyapp, a virtual no/low code app building learning program conducive to middle and high school, inner-city students. The YMCA After School Program of Newark, NJ has partnered with her for over 3 years.

Additionally, she has partnered with one of the leading bariatric surgeons in the country to develop the Bariatric Pre/Post Operation Care App themed (Virtual Bariatrics). The app helps bariatric surgery patients continue to live healthier lives after post-opt care.

In her spare time, she loves teaching the youth at her church, exercising, and spending time with her family.